I believe it was Jefferson who said "the tree of Liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of school children and whoever else happens to be around."


Texas, where we'll force your 12 year old to have her daddy's baby and put her mama in prison if she tries to get her girl an abortion, but if you try to regulate our murder weapons to stop the slaughter of school children, you are going too far. Just ask Governor "let's give guns out like candy to anyone and everyone" Abbott.

And the people in the town where this happened are shocked. They can't believe it. 288 mass shootings so far in 2022 and they are just GOBSMACKED that yet another deranged man went into a school and slaughtered little children. I mean, who could ever have guessed this would happen?



I saw something about the Sandy Hook murders this morning and realized that those children would have been juniors and seniors in high school this year.


Not only will people return to the salt lick like...tomorrow, but the Republicans will accuse Senator Murphy of grandstanding, and denounce his plea for solutions as a political ploy.

In other news, looks like that large Huckabee woman, who couldn't sit down to a restaurant meal in DC without other customers giving her flack over her clueless devotion to Trump, is going to be the next governor of Arkansas. "Yea!" says Satan.


Thoughts and prayers.


Satan is grinning from ear to ear right now.


when 'republicans' make Life Cheap
when Property has more rights than
Human Beings when others' Pain is
Glorified when Mass Murder is Live-
streamed when a Plague is No Big
Deal, and Masks are Optional Life
ItSelf is expendable - at least
Other Peep's lives are.

yours may Vary.

Australia had I believe
ONE Mass Shooting
and they said Fuck
THIS and Fixed.
the. Problem.

we could too
but Not Overnight

that doesn't mean
we don't bother Trying


Sen. Chris Murphy statement:
“The difference between America and these other nations is not that there aren’t people with homicidal thoughts in other nations. It’s that they can’t go down to their local Walmart and buy a weapon that kills 20 kids in two minutes.”

when it's this fucking
Easy this is what we get

but is it fucking WORTH It?

not to Me


@7: Violence and anger are part of the human condition, so that's not what's insane. Blip defines the insanity in @23.


Conservatives lie about the Second Amendment. Many others, even otherwise well-meaning people, repeat the lie.

The Second Amendment never had anything to do with an individual right to own a gun!

This is a lie that was promoted by the gun manufacturers to improve sales. It was flogged by the NRA, which is owned lock stock and barrel by the gun manufacturers.

It is a lie, yet it is also part of our law. How? By the "Heller" Supreme Court decision.

Never mind what the late conservative Chief Justice of the Supreme Court Warren Burger said:

"This has been the subject of one of the greatest pieces of fraud, I repeat the word fraud, on the American public by special interest groups that I have ever seen in my lifetime."

--Former Supreme Court Chief Justice Warren Burger on the Second Amendment, in 1991

This fraud is part of our life now, and it's going to get even worse soon. The Supreme Court is about to invalidate a New York gun law. This is bad for everyone, except gun manufacturers and murderers.


@18. I'm high on thoughts and prayers.


The solution is no longer allow untrained dipshits the casual ability to amass arsenals and carry around firearms without passing a strict set of qualifications and routine licensing.

And then ban all domestic arms manufacturers from lobbying.

And to allow American victims to sue the shit out of sellers and manufacturers when they allow thier products to be misused.

Like every other god damned civilized nation on earth does.


@19: As well as high on your tower of babble.


@2 xina, @5 Bauhaus I and @10 pat L, @13 kristofarian, and @16 Musicbiker: I share your outrage. RepubliKKKans are hellbent on burning our country to the ground, while Satan is laughing its filthy ass off as they do it.

@21:....said the King of All MAGA Babblers......


The RWNJ confused state of Texiban has threatened to secede from the Union. Why haven't they? Oh, THAT'S right---then they'd have to get friendly with Mexico, like Alaska would have to start buddying up with Russia. On the plus side, If the Texiban decides to go on its own it'd become a separate country. We could finally declare war on Greg Abbott.


RepubliKKKan men should all be castrated at birth.


@21. And yet you have said nothing about what really matters except seeking negative attention. How about using your time and energy on actually using your brain and contributing to discussions in a substantial way?


'civilized'? US?
nah. 'republicans'
have unCivilized US
for their own Profiteerings
if a few luckless members of
the Citizenry happen to Perish
in the far 'right's' Pursuit of Power
that's one Sacrifice they're okay with

until the Entire Nation is overly-well-armed
and psychotic* they shan't rest on their laurels

not for YOU
you're too


@25: Yes, @17 is incredibly substantial - we're all quite impressed.


A high school chum of mine wrote a FB post that mildly advocated for some sort of gun control, and a mutual high school friend of ours (a white guy, naturally, who I used serve mass with as an Altar Boy) went off on her, including the obligatory moronic statement about why we don't outlaw cars.

But here's the thing: The number of vehicular homicides is minuscule compared to gun deaths. In part, because we regulate the hell out of cars: annual registration, VIN number, proof of insurance, proof of competency, governmental regulation of design, restriction of certain vehicles to keep them off the roads, traffic regulations - even liability in certain conditions if you let someone use your car for illicit purposes.

It's perfectly reasonable that we would put the same requirements on firearms. I think every legitimate gun owner would be fine with it. But we have let the moron fringe and the cynical politicians who pander to them control the argument. This group conjures of a completely fictional vision of America that is pulled from corny old westerns and garbage like "Gone With The Wind", and the rubes eat it up, while the average American (who is not a gun owner) has other things on their plate that they are more concerned about.

But America loves a freak show, so the freaks on the right are able to take up all the oxygen in the room.


@27. Other than being impressed with yourself, the only other thing impressive about you is how petty you are.


@29: Whatever you say Belle Watling.



@ xina -- 'repubs' are gonna
take US down or die trying
and the 'right' is fine with
destroying the Planet
but Earth'll be just
Fine thank you

it's Life itself
they HATE

they have the Cure
but it's Half of the
'Solution' they
came up with:

The latter half.


@16 is correct
Well regulated militia- the 2nd amendment was a collective right - and not under debate until Heller decision in 2008!
Talk about long- standing precedent


Go lemon juice your knick-knacks, Raindrop dear.


The thing about the 2nd Amendment is that you hear about it only from people who don't want guns regulated anyhow. Like, nobody says "I sure wish we could regulate guns but, alas, the 2nd Amendment won't let us!". No. People who like guns invoke the 2nd to avoid defending the present gun control regimen on merits. Because its less embarrassing than saying "freedom isn't free and the cost of this freedom is an occasional hecatomb in grocery stores and gradeschools".

There was all sorts of gun control for most of this history of this country. The present free-for-all only dates back to maybe the 1980s when, the gun industry and the gun nuts were gathered into the rotten coalition of degenerates assembled by Ronald Reagan - corporate welfare hustlers with a gaggle of single-issue voters in tow. And now those single-issues have fused into a monstrous chimera called MAGA.


So, like... where was the good guy with a gun?


@28 then IF Americans are uniquely MORE violent then why the fuck are we allowing them to own guns? How does that make sense?

This hemming and hawing around the central crucial provable difference is insanity. It’s the fucking guns. The insane culture springs from the guns.

And I tell you what if the Rightwing was not so heavily and obscenely armed they would not be able to provoke things like the January 6th coup with such confidence. The reason the few Rightwing politicians who know MAGAism is a dangerous cult are cowed by fear of death from their own insanely armed constituents.

No good has come from Americas obsession with the firearms mythology. And ending it would the best step forward in our history.


@39 there were other armed people at the school. The first thing the shooter did was overpower the school safety officer.


fun fact:

I used to be a 4th grader in Texas.

yeah, it's personal.

no, frack your thoughts and prayers

kids want ACTIONS not words


@43. Me too, in a podunk South Texas town of less than 20k like Uvalde. The victims look just like my classmates. It is visceral.


@39, the gunman first encountered an armed school district cop (how does a school district that size afford its own police force?), exchanged fire with him, wounded the cop and moved on. Two city cops arrived, exchanged fire with the gunman, and they got plugged as well. Then the gunman barricaded himself in a classroom and massacred the kids and teachers there. A Border Patrol SWAT team turned up and eventually killed the gunman.


@28: Think about events in other countries.

In Australia, they had one mass murder event. The country banned assault guns, and mandated a gun turn-in. No more mass murder events.

A similar chain of events occurred in New Zealand. Ditto.

Norway had a mass murder event. One.


You can't have a mass shooting event, if you don't have access to weapons conducive to mass shootings.

How many mass murder events by domestic murderers have we had in the U.S., that did not involve guns? Well, there was the Oklahoma City bombing. There was a van in NYC a few years ago. We can probably think of a few more in the last century. So, it is possible to do.

These numbers are dwarfed by mass murder events by domestic murderers by gun.

Guns are the tools of death, that allow murderers to murder effectively and efficiently.

The Second Amendment never protected the right of an individual to own the tools of mass death, until conservatives on the Supreme Court created one out of thin air in 2008. The blood of countless thousands of the dead are on their hands today.


@31: Go stick your head in a nice brown toilet and flush, Elmer.

@43 Will in Seattle & @44 Garb Garblar: I feel for both of you. I can't imagine living or growing up in Texas, much less visiting there, considering the excessively hostile political climate and extreme weather.


@47 Musicbiker: +1 BINGO!


hey auntie Gee that Composer's
name is Jocelyn Hagel or sounds
like that and she gave a TED talk
on Feb. 19th. good Luck! let me
know if it Pans out? thanks!

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