this country is perma fucked
from the top on down
nothing gonna


The Republinazi terrorists want to mass murder as many people as possible. That's why they keep shoving guns into the hands of deranged sadistic homicidal lunatics like their voters.


I'm all for banning the filibuster, but in this case, even if they did, there is no way you get even 50 Democrats to support any sort of meaningful gun control. They are cowards. We just have to accept this is who we are. This is what we stand for. Death is the American way of life.


Man, I know basketball is a mostly stupid and pointless endeavor, but it is nice to see people use the bully pulpit that their relative stardom provides for righteous causes. Regardless of whether you give a shit about the NBA's Western Conference Finals, Warriors coach Steve Kerr's short pre-game presser here is well worth your time.


Evidently it's possible to graduate law school and even pass the bar without understanding judicial review.

Reminds me of the old joke, "Q: What do you call the person who graduated at the bottom of their medical school class? A: Doctor"


You are really obsessed with me? Like I really got under your skin. I hate to tell you this but I forget you exist the moment the browser closes. And yet you can not stop invoking me every chance you get.

And Broflake that is some bizarrely fantastic projection there! You’re not fooling anyone.


you had that one
Ready. well-Played


fuck me that

on gunz: Legalize them
Well-fucking REGULATE Them
just like your 3-5Klbs Automo-bile*
get yerself a gott damm License take
the fucking Test insurance all the Etceteras
necessary to Use your shit in this fucking Society

it’s just
how we Roll
it ain’t That hard

“[.]” -- @Will
Great Work btw

in the Wrong hands
distracted drunk whatever
just Plain Dangerous at Any speed


Thing is, the VP could preside over a session of the Senate and the Senate Majority Leader could bring up a vote on HR8.



not words


To follow on mike blob's comment @4, it's worth noting Steve Kerr's personal history with gun violence:

Oh, and I see it wouldn't be a Slog news thread without Brent Gumbo putting forth a message of cynicism and fatalism. Hey, not that there's anything wrong with that.


Thanks Will!
Great roundup!


You know who created the weapon that most resembles the weapon used by this mass shooters? The Nazis. Yep, America is obsessed with violence and death and the (false) belief that they have the freedom to own these murder weapons and use them as they please.

And Governor Abbott? Well he decided 18 year olds in TX should be able to buy these murder weapons (and that all people in TX should be able to buy murder weapons with no restrictions, training, or licensing) - so this last mass school shooting, the deaths of 19 children in elementary school and their teachers, is DIRECTLY ON HIM.

This country and its obsession with losers (Confederates and Nazis), violence, and death will continue to claim it is a great country and do nothing to stop the daily slaughter of its people.

There are no responsible gun owners. No life is of any value in this country.

I don't know how people have children. What do you say to your child as you send them off to school? I love you honey, hopefully you won't be murdered at school today and I'll see you after school! People raising children in this world are out of their fucking minds.

But the Republicans require more gun fodder, so they will literally force every girl and woman who gets impregnated to carry that fertilized zygote to term and give birth (or die trying) and if they dare have an abortion will allow gun nuts and misogynists to hunt them down like animals so that they get put in prison or killed for doing so.

The rest of the world does not have this problem. There is no other country on the face of this earth where there is a mass shooting on a daily basis and it is accepted as a normal part of daily life in the name of freedom.


In this ideal world that we pass gun control laws that withstand any judicial review, what agency is going to implement those laws? In other words, who is going to go into people's homes to take the guns? It's almost like you'll then need a "law enforcement agency" like the... police?

How do you square enforcement of a massive legal undertaking - prohibiting gun ownership - and then enforcing that law with "de-funding" the police? Or do you expect all of America's gun owners to just drop off guns at the Walmart parking lot?

Given the scale of the task ahead, are AOC and the rest of you ready to increase funding/recruitment of police or other law enforcement agencies to go get the guns?


Which primary race is AOC referring to?


TX28 district between Cuellers and Cisneros. She also called the DNC (iirc) an incumbent racket, but can a prog really get elected in southern Texas, I dunno.


@6. Here's a joke for you.

An old timer is reading a blog. He points out an apparent flaw and declares, "No!"


Jackkay dear, they’re working on that.


"Anybody who shoots somebody else has a mental health challenge,” TX Gov. Abbott says in a news conference on the Uvalde school shooting. Who wants to volunteer to tell him exactly what he just said to the world?


@21 that you have to be crazy to shoot someone?

Makes sense to me. You need at least a touch of narcissism to commit any crime, you obviously think you are more important than others or the rules.

I also don’t think being crazy should be allowed as a defense. If you did the crime your level of craziness should play no part in the decision to incarcerate you and remove you from society.


Yes, xina, we now live in a country where the protesters (Beto) who are protesting to save lives are the extremists, and the status quo enforcers are let off the hook as the normal voices.


who controls the Message
controls the Narrative
are Enormous and
We cannot Afford
Demcracy any-
more so sadly
it disappears


The right uses “mental health”as the excuse because it kills two birds with one stone:

1) it distracts from the problem at hand (the availability of guns)

2) it makes them sound humane, but we all know there’s no way in hell they would vote to provide a true mental health safety net. In part, because they’re cheap, in part because most of them are sociopaths.

Republicans are horrible people.


2. dude
2b. agreed


@25 Catalina Vel-DuRay BINGO for the WIN!

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