When the tide rolls out is when ~secrets~ are revealed! So mosey on down to the seashore to meet a Seattle Aquarium Beach Naturalist who will show you where to glimpse the best damp treasures: Weird snails, upside-down barnacles, slimy seaweed, and so on. An entire world of alien life forms are yours for the discovering — no appointment necessary, all ages welcome.

Rather than picking them up, remember to poke the sea life gently, with one wet finger. And never take anything home with you, unless it’s the shed skin of a seal folk who climbed up on shore to temporarily assume human form. (And even then, it seems like it would be polite to ask first.)

Low Tide Beach Walks run through August, but don’t let this become one of those “I’ll get around to it later” excursions — the way this planet is going, who knows how much longer oceanic life will be around.

Meet Us at the Beach: Low Tide Beach Walks take place around the middle of each month from June through August at nearly a dozen local beaches. Check the schedule for locations and low-tide times. The first round will take place May 29 (10am to noon) and 30 (10:30 am to 12:30 pm).