This is hard to follow. So pre-scheduled app-based tasks are exempt but everything else is not? What about non-app based casual work amongst neighbors, old school pet sitting and whatnot?


What about just letting the "worker decide" if they want to do work under the "gig" terms offered?

If they don't, then go get a wage or salaried job.

If they do, then accept the offer made by the "gig" and do the "gig".

Nobody is putting a gun to their head. If they are too stupid to know if the "gig" is a good opportunity, then they are probably too stupid to do the "gig".

It is a natural selection process....culling the non performers from those who can perform.

And for those who can't or won't perform, well we have a wide range of social support programs, food stamps, housing assistance, aid to dependent families... and the list goes on, and on and on. Now worries there for our little non-performers.

Is if a perfect situation. No.
Will there ever be a perfect scenario? No
Has it worked overall for centuries.... it has.


My ex husband and I use to work as Rover dog boarders on occasion. We charged $45 to eventually $70 for 24 hours of dog. We were one of the highest price but we took the dog out hiking and it had the run of a huge house and wooded yard, so we were in demand. We already had 2 dogs and had a hard limit of 1 additional dog for dog boarding. to make minimum wage, we would have had to charge $360 (15*24) for 1 day's boarding.


ah yes The Market
picking Winners & Losers
and letting Monopolies run
roughshod over the Citizenry

Anything they can Do
to roll Back the War on Poverty
they're All Over it. with 100 MILLION
Medically UN- and Un-derinsured & Growing
it's Good to see so many Trusting in The Market

and higher Education
just keeps costing More in
this stupid 'Exceptional' country

other Countries
the Pragmatic ones
PAY PEEPS to go to School

now mind your bloodpressure
tighty white righties
cuz it Works

and the strip-mining of America
and its Citizenry continues


I thought Task Rabbit was a place for people to advertise odd jobs or handy skills and negotiate an acceptable rate.

"I can't understand my Ikea instructions, can somebody put together my piece of furniture?"
"Sure that should take me 2 hours and I'll charge you $150 for it."
"No I'll only pay $20"
"Hah, Good luck with that."

Etc. If people can't negotiate themselves at least $15 an hour, there's really no helping them.


As much as the desire to avoid the minimum wage, these app companies are about avoiding things like workers’ comp taxes. It’s bullshit. They are absolutely employers, and it’s way past time for the state to grow a pair and crack down.

There’s really no need for middle class people to have cheap servants. Buy your own damn groceries, like people somehow managed to do for generations before these atrocities started up.


I don't see why "marketplace" workers can't just negotiate whatever wage they want. If they don't want to do a cleaning job for less than $15/hr, then don't? Is there something I am missing?

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