Excellent roundup as always Conor. Thank you.

Just wanted to add this in case you missed it:

Basically, Joe Biden reneged on his 2020 promise not to award federal contracts to businesses who engage in union-busting. He awarded Amazon a $10b contract while that company was engaging in some of the most despicable union-busting efforts in our lifetimes. So business as usual.


ThanksLove the vice union bingo card!


“… the company forced . . . Ashley Mercer, to pick up garbage for an entire ten-hour shift in 80-degree heat despite her being six months pregnant… “

well hasn’t bezoz come a long ways
Not forcing pregnant employees to abort

the 'future of work' is
at the mercy of the Planet*
and I hear she's plenty Pissed off

*& those who turned Mother
Nature's Riches into Gold

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