Could we get a Dashboard showing how Hannah’s salary is covered by donations? We should track progress for all charities.


@1 How many houses would that build, do you reckon?


'A dashboard is supposed to track progress toward a solution. With the new homelessness dashboard, the tab that displays a map of encampments the city has swept communicates that sweeps are “progress,” which implies that the solution to homelessness is putting it out of sight,'

Where did anyone get the idea that sweeps could do anything other than "put homelessness out of sight"?

"Service providers from the Low Income Housing Institute, REACH, CoLEAD, and other organizations agree that the best way to find shelter is to get swept into it – and the Mayor’s office has ordered plenty of sweeps." (

So, if "the best way to find shelter is to get swept into it," then the dashboard should be tracking the number of sweeps, correct? Perhaps this could take the form of a "tab that displays a map of encampments the city has swept"? (I'm just spitballing here.)

@2: I'm guessing approximately the same number as the world-historical average of the number of houses erected entirely from the work of tech bro software engineers.


LGive Bruce a break!
Yes, he is as exciting as oatmeal, but the drug-addicted homeless problem didn’t happen overnight! It’s not like Jenny (jerkin’ for Durkan) did anything!


What drivel. Laurelhurst and pearl clutching? Seriously Hannah? Your belittling and insulting people doesn't help anyone. Most of Seattle is fed up with these fucking criminals shit and fires and needles. You and no car Matt have such monotonal biased cries it's pathetic. Yet I like to read to know what rhetoric far far lefties will be spouting.


Fun Fact: the UW students have built more housing for homeless people than the city has.

Results matter.


This Harrell bullshit is just PR to make himself look better to his NIMBY and downtown business constituents. His only concern about unhoused people is to sweep them out of sight. What about the 1,000 tiny houses you promised on the campaign trail, Bruce? I thought Durkin was the worst mayor ever, but Harrell has already surpassed her.


@7: Did the UW students get any homeless persons permanently housed, or did all of the residents wander off with their dogs to camp in parks?

Results matter.


If the government is building a house, it would take a ton of dashboards - "affordable housing" ends up costing more per unit to build than luxury housing built by private developers :D

On the other hand, it's the government building the dashboard too - I wonder how much money it took to build what could be whipped together in a day by an average FAANG intern?

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