One fag-with-a-grudge-and-an-advice-column announces that, in the wake of Mormon-funded Prop H8, he's not taking his lil' gay family snowboarding in Utah this year, and the state craps its collective pants.

Best to the wife, Sean, and I get it, I get it: you're not all bigots and haters, and people marched against Prop 8 in Salt Lake City this weekend. But I'm not ready to make nice—on purpose or by accident—with the bigots and haters from Magic Underpants Inc. who donated money and time to Prop 8.

Let's try to keep this little "boycott" of mine in perspective, shall we? Mormons—who aren't in a position to be throwing stones at other peoples' marriages—contributed millions of dollars to strip same-sex couples of their right to wed. And now two fags and their ten year-old son are going to gay-marryin' British Columbia to snowboard this winter, not Utah. You may have a beef with me and others "[singling] out Utah for [our] wrath over Prop. 8's passage," but we have a much bigger beef with the religious bigots that run Utah.