Dan Lewis also deserves a smack for his lie-packed lead-in to last night's KOMO 4 News "report" about the Center for Sex Positive Culture. Let's take it line by line:

Could your tax dollars be paying for a sex club?

No, Dan, they couldn't. Maybe they could in some alternate universe where the US government subsidizes sex clubs. But nobody's tax dollars are funding the Center for Sex Positive Culture in Seattle. As a non-profit, the Center doesn't pay certain taxes. Just like innumerable other clubs, theaters, churches, etc., etc. It receives no subsidies or grants from the federal government—unlike clubs, theaters, churches, etc. The Center doesn't get a cent of "your tax dollars," Dan, or mine, or your viewer's, or anyone else's. Tax dollars paying for a sex club? That's a lie.

The Problem Solvers have learned that a Seattle woman is looking for state and federal money to help finance part of her sex organization.

Is the Center in line for a federal bailout? No, it's not—and, again, it's not getting grants from the state or federal government. It's also not applying for any. So this "Seattle woman looking for state and federal money" to run her sex club? Another lie, Lewis. Oddly this charge isn't mentioned anywhere in lying sack of shit Ginter's report.

KOMO 4 Problem Solver Marlee Ginter went to find out where your hard-earned money might be going.

I suppose you've covered your butt with that "might"—yeah, your money might be going to the Center, after all anything could be happening in that alternate universe where our federal government showers money on sex clubs—but, again, you're working awfully hard to leave your viewers with the impression that the Center is on the dole somehow, that they're relying on checks from the government to keep their doors open. You've either confused the Center for Sex Positive Culture with WaMu, Lewis, or you feel you can lie with impunity about the Center because it allows people to have sex—ZOMG! SECKS! DIRTY, DIRTY SECKS—on the premises.