Seattle Xotics—formerly known as X-otic Tan—a "private Lingerie Showroom" on Lake City Way that was at the center of many unrepeatable salacious rumors during my high school years—may be gone.

Xotics' phone has been disconnected and Slog Tipper "Creme Soda" claims they have a "for lease" sign in their window. Neither the owner of the business nor the owner of the property could be located.

According to Xotics' website LINK, the business—described by one police officer I talked to as "dirty," which the officer subsequently clarified as meaning "prostitution"—offered things like:

The model will strip down to her bra & g-string for you and you may do anything you like as long as there is no touching between you and your model.

Xotics is [also] proud to offer trained Dominatrixes. The Mistresses are skilled at humiliation, punishment, infantilism, puppy training, worship and a variety of other disciplines. We are equipped with a dungeon that contains a large selection of torture devices. Also, our Mistresses train men in the art of crossdressing. Whether you want to be a little girl or lady about town, we know how to get you there. Fetish and role play scenarios are encouraged and enjoyed.

In completely unrelated news, it's getting damned difficult to pay for a handjob in this town.