Duh: Time magazine names Barack Obama Person of the Year.

Speaking of the "Person of the Year": Obama's team prepares to reverse "a variety of Bush measures" including his abortion rules.

Withdrawal Method: British troops will leave Iraq by May 31st.

That's Even Worse Than Expected: Morgan-Stanly reports $2.3 billion loss.

A Cyanide-Producing Hot-Pink Millipede!: That's just one of the 1,000 new species discovered in the Mekong Delta region.

OMG! RU Serious?: Experts predict a "logjam of cell phone calls" and texts at January's inauguration.

But It's So Cold!: Scientists say ice is melting at accelerating speed around the globe.

Faulty Towers: There were no serious injuries in yesterday's gondola accident, caused by a collapsing tower.

Two Faced: Woman receives successful face transplant at Cleveland hospital.

The American Dollar: Even more worthless!

It's a Gas, Gas, Gas: 16 Bellingham residents sent to hospital for carbon monoxide poisoning.

About this Weather: Winter storm warning advised for much of Washington today, snow expected in Seattle on Sunday.