Just thought you might be amused by this. I just finished an incredibly long, drawn out market research survey wanting to know about my opinions about various religions, how I learned about them, what I thought was important in a church, blah blah blah. As these things often do, the questions got more and more specific.

So who cares what I think? Looks like the Latter Day Saints want to know my impressions of them—and specifically if I associate them with being homophobic. I was particularly delighted to identify myself as straight, married, a parent, and religious—and someone who thinks the LDS is homophobic and has a negative impression of the church as a direct result of Proposition 8. Sometimes you have to take small pleasures where you find them.

Plus I got a store credit for my time that I can use at Borders, where I will probably buy some sort of leftist claptrap.


I don't get it. If the Mormons sincerely believe that gay marriage is a threat to the family, and that gay parents are a threat to our own children, and that homosexuals and other violators of the "covenants of chastity" will bring down upon our nation all "the calamities foretold by ancient and modern prophets," per Donny Osmond, you would think they would proud to be perceived as homophobic, seeing as there's so much to be homophobic about. (The ancient and modern prophets foretold shitloads of calamities.) If they believe all that they should be doing push-polls letting people know that they're scared of fags and dykes and everyone else should be too.