Yeah, that's the real problem in America today—the way the gays have managed to completely silence Christians. Can you even recall the last time you heard a peep out of an American Christian? Remember how the gays drove Mike Huckabee from public life? Whatever happened to Rick Warren anyway?

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Go and watch the video, marvel at the awesome power of the gay rights lobby, and then take their "Family Values Survey." (Please note: hating and fearing gay people is the only value the Christians behind this survey are interested in.) Unfortunately there's not a "who gives a fuck?" option for the first question ("Do you believe the Bible condemns homosexuality as sin?"), so just vote "undecided." And to this woman...

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...I'd like to say this: the gays are perfectly willing to tolerate your story—"tolerate" meaning "put up with" not "be delighted by"—it's your haircut that we can't abide. You can be an ex-lesbian without having to have your hair done by the same woman who frosts the cakes down at the IGA. Thanks to Slog tipper Sean.

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