The Sightline Institute's Eric de Place has some harsh words for the Seattle Displacement Coalition's John Fox and Carolee Colter, who recently wrote an editorial criticizing legislation that would encourage dense development around light rail stations. De Place goes even further than I did yesterday, calling the editorial "terribly misinformed" and pointing to nearly a dozen sources that counter Colter and Fox's bizarre claim that density is worse for the environment than sprawl. (Their basic argument, that tearing down buildings and building new ones creates carbon emissions and that's bad, ignores the massive body of research demonstrating that sprawling, car-oriented suburbs have a tremendous negative impact on the environment, and that city living is the greenest lifestyle there is.) Instead of looking at the evidence, de Place writes, Colter and Fox "resorted to sophistry and innuendo. Perhaps they believe they’re doing low-income folks a service by fighting new housing development. But the Washington Low Income Housing Alliance, a coalition of more than 200 affordable housing organizations and advocates, disagrees. They’re supporting the bill that Colter and Fox are attacking."