And a little bit slutty—not that there's anything wrong with that.

Beau Breedlove, the former lover of gay Portland, Ore., Mayor Sam Adams, has accepted Unzipped magazine's offer to be featured on the magazine's May cover and traveled to Los Angeles this weekend for a nude photo shoot, editors announced on Tuesday.

Nothing wrong with being a little bit nutty and a little bit slutty. Some of my best friends are nuts, others are sluts, some are both—and some of my best friends have done porn. But let's stop pretending that Breedlove was an innocent naif at the time of his affair with Adams. And let's stop pretending that the exposure of the affair—and Breedlove's subsequent self-exposure (the newspaper interviews, the television interviews, the porn shoot)—has somehow been traumatic for Breedlove. I know that's the script for creepy-older-person/much-younger-person sex scandal, but it just doesn't apply here.

Breedlove is an attention whore—not that there's anything wrong with that—with a taste for older men. He's loving this.

I don't think that Adams could've avoided all of this by observing the campsite rule scrupulously. Some campsites are messes long before you arrive. Careful where you pitch your tent.

UPDATE: La la la, commenters: I'm not saying that Adams was a gentleman, or isn't culpable here, or that he was right to bed this guy. I'm saying that we can't go through the usual morality play motions in this case—lecherous old creep doin' wrong, innocent young virgin done wrong. Like I said in this piece in the Mecury...

But Breedlove was the younger person—blah, blah, blah—and we're not allowed to speculate about the younger person's motives, or examine his actions when a scandal like this breaks. Adams should've known better and is far more culpable, as the older person. But the possibility that Adams and Breedlove were both—to borrow a phrase—"a little bit nutty and a little bit slutty" comes closest, I think, to capturing the essence of this scandal.