We’re going to need a bigger boat, Seattle Rep presents Bruce.
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From Skillet's weekly email update:

Hey skillet nation !!

an idea......
-we have an idea we would like to implement. Seattle doesn't have enough street food, and we want to help change that. We are toying with the idea of creating a weekend street food market. We would like to have a parking lot of some kind perhaps in a neighborhood say ballard, fremont, cap hill, udistrict, beacon hill etc...where us and maybe 5-10 other street food vendors could set up for a saturday and sunday during the day and perhaps even into the evening. I believe it could be a great experiment (and successful) and perhaps couple it with some farmers, musicians etc...anyways...if you have any suggestions or perhaps a location...please don't hesitate to email me (josh) at

and thanks...we want to make seattle the epicenter of street food..!!!

How about the parking lot on Pine Street that used to be Pony/the Bus Stop (since reincarnated elsewhere)/the Cha Cha (ditto)/Kincora? It's sad right now, but it's got good karma.

Or the same lot as the Broadway farmers market? Could be the Seattle Street Food Fair on Saturday, then both on Sunday. Yes!