Movies, movies, movies:


"Butoh is shadow dance. I don't know who is the shadow."

Cherry Blossoms, I say, is one of those stereotypical festival movies—"sad, pretty, specifically designed to crush you"—but it's almost worth it (there's Butoh involved):

Okay. So. Trudi finds out that Rudi is ABOUT TO DIE and decides, with his doctors, not to tell him (I'm not totally sure that's how health care works, but, um, 'kay). Instead, she just tries to convince him to go do fun stuff. And Rudi's like: "Oh Trudi, we can do fun stuff after I retire next year!" And Trudi is all: OH SHIT, SINGLE TEAR, TRICKLE TRICKLE.

Paul Constant, clearly, is a complete asshole for not liking Watchmen enough:

There's a lot of ambition: Pat Buchanan, Henry Kissinger, Annie Leibovitz, and Lee Iacocca were never characters in a Batman movie. The World Trade Center looms, self-importantly, in the back of quite a few shots. The 163-minute running time passes quickly, and the special effects are beautiful. But without spoiling anything, the ending of the movie, which completely differs from the comic, seems superficially smarter at first, but falls apart under the stress of a few seconds' consideration.

In porno, Kelly O weighs in on cheerleaders vs. HAIR (the eternal battle):

Cheerleaders doesn't need hair extensions or a grandiose story line. Nope. It's got Stoya—ohhh, Stoya!—and superhumanly gorgeous Manuel "Budweiser Can" Ferrara running around in a high-school football jersey and no pants. But Cheerleaders is, of course, ALL about the girls. The cheerleader, as a porn-movie archetype, is predictable, but the I-double-dog-dare-you locker-room bravado, between girls instead of boys, is pitch-perfect.

There is also a movie opening today called Phoebe in Wonderland. Dakota Fanning's little sister plays a girl with Tourette's who forms a special bond with a kooky drama teacher and retreats into an Alice in Wonderland-inspired world of whimsy with Bill Pullman as the King of Hearts. OMG DO NOT WATCH THIS MOVIE.

In limited runs:

Northwest Film Forum's ByDesign09 series kicks off tonight at 9 pm, and includes Rem Koolhaas: A Kind of Architect, Milton Glaser: To Inform and Delight, Entropy: New Short Works, MK12: In Person, Psst! Pass It On 3, and Seattle Moves. And, as usual, there's the Sprocket Society's Secret Sunday Matinee.
The Grand Illusion has The Black Gestapo (late-night), and Sanjuro.

SIFF Cinema is screening Babe (Saturday morning at 10), and Five Easy Pieces.

There's a STIFF mini-fest at the Rendezvous, including Frank & Cindy and For Christ's Sake.

Batman and The Toxic Avenger are at Central Cinema.

Tonight's Wallingford Meaningful Movie is Unnatural Causes: Is Inequality Making Us Sick?

And the Egyptian late-night this weekend is Rushmore, hosted by The Stranger's very own Zan and Tommy! Hooray!