Dear people who wrote comments like this on my post yesterday about how ugly the new online PI is:

Their last print paper is today, so I'm not sure why their brand-new website would start today too. I'm waiting to see what it'll look like tomorrow.

The "brand-new PI" is up right now and it's the exact same boring format as yesterday. To those who said that the online PI is the same as it always was: You're wrong. There used to be more and varied content. To those who say it's fine: You're also wrong. They need to be reinventing this stuff from the ground up, and instead, they're running a full page of hotlinked words like this:


At the very least, I wish I'd pulled up the PI's homepage today and found a blatant ripoff of the Huffington Post. Instead, I just got the same old boring unexciting, uninformative AOL-type layout. Where's the experimentation? Nobody is going to make this model work if they stick to the same old dumbass newspaper websites as they always have.