Wanna buy a restaurant? You're in luck—places are for sale all over town (maybe even your favorite place). A sampling from Craigslist:


Trattoria Mitchelli (closing down any day now, after approximately one billion years; Stranger reader-reviewers will not miss it by any means)

Merchant's Cafe (at First and Yesler; this place has THE MOST BEAUTIFUL old-fashioned interior—I have long wished that it would be transformed into something marvelous)


Lampreia (perhaps Seattle's premiere fine-dining establishment; it is moving, not closing, which is good, because the stuffy, goofy decor needed a major overhaul anyway)

Cafe Stellina (still open; reader-reviewers seem to fall into extreme camps of love or hate)

• the Triangle Lounge (still open after the departure of restaurateur Tom Hurley)

Saito's Japanese Cafe & Bar (still open serving some of Seattle's best sushi, has been for sale for a while)

Beato (closed for quite some time)

Blackbird Restaurant & Lounge (ditto)

Cyndy's Pancake House (which is apparently not becoming a strip club after all)

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King Cobra is also for sale. Plus more, more, MORE restaurants—dozens of them, the ones that do not wish to be named—after the jump.


"Establised [sic] Downtown Coffeeshop", "Funky Eclectic Capitol Hill Restaurant/Bar", "Elegant Sake Bar & Bistro", "North Ballard Bistro", "Queen Anne Restaurant and Lounge", "Cafe, Sandwich lunch spot" (Belltown), "Restaurant Lounge" (U District/Wallingford), "Restaurant and Lounge in Belltown", "Restaurant with Lounge Bar" (Queen Anne), "Downtown Restaurant and Bar", "Club Lounge & Restaurant" (U District), "Sports Bar and Brewery" (Seattle), "Restaurant with wine and beer" (Madison Valley), "Take Out - Eat in Restaurant" (Queen Anne), "Restaurant and Lounge North Ballard", "Restaurant with Lounge" (Lake Union), "Restaurant and Nightclub" (Seattle), "Restaurant Nightclub Bar" (Downtown Seattle), "Sports Bar" (Greenwood/Green Lake), "Casual Dining Restaurant" (South Lake Union), "Dinner Club and Night Club" (Pioneer Square), "TERIYAKI on Greenwood AVE", "TERIYAKI & KOREAN Restorant" (King), "Busy Street Corner Location Downtown Seattle Bar", "Restaurant/Cafe" (Georgetown), "Teriyaki Shop in Seattle", "Belltown Restaurant", "Popular UW Coffee Shop", "Excellent Teriyaki Shop in Bellevue"

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