Four officers shot, three dead: Traffic stop in Oakland leads to fatal shootings.

President Obama v. Dick Cheney: The President responds to Cheney's criticism, says that former President Bush's terrorism policy "hasn’t made us safer."

Asylum: Sen. Kerry requests that a gay Brazilian man, who is married to an American citizen, be granted asylum.

Theologian or meteorologist: Pope blames many of Africa's problems on "clouds of evil."

Shrinking: World economy on pace to shrink by 1 to 2 percent this year.

Utah and its discontents: Campaign to legalize polygamy is underway in Utah.

Isn't this the plot of a musical?: Man dies after two rival motorcycles gangs fight at Sydney airport.

Spitzer's comeback: Former governor of New York spits on AIG.

Numbers porn: President Obama's election broken down by congressional district.

The Drug War: President Obama prepares to send federal agents and resources to the Mexican border.

Fightin' til the last: Washington Mutual is suing the FDIC.

Sound Transit steel scandal: Ben Schiendelman of Seattle Transit Blog claims shoddy reporting by the Seattle Times. Martin H. Duke, also of Seattle Transit Blog, offers a defense.

Innocent bystander: Tree victim of automobile collision in the Central District.