When I look back on my campaign—when I look back on our campaign—I remember how it all got started in the snows of Seattle in mid-March. I fondly recall the words of one supporter in particular who commented on the Slog post that launched my campaign (Slog posts were this campaign's town-hall meetings): "You are such a self-absorbed, useless idiot." While I hate disappoint that supporter and others like him ("Stick to writing about Dildos." "Asshole." "I'm going to divorce you if you do this, Dan."), I have a sad announcement. I am, for now, and maybe for serious, but, you know, never say never, so maybe this isn't a final decision because, hey, you don't own me, and I have until June something-or-other to change my mind back, but for right now I am temporarily but perhaps not terminally suspending my campaign for mayor.

I want to reassure my supporters that this is a decision I take lightly.

Here's what happened: two weeks ago some goons jack-booted thugs from the Seattle Ethics and Elections Commission were sent to my office—via email—to inform me that there are forms I have to fill out if I'm going to run around saying "I'm running for mayor!" (You can say "I'm going to kill Dominic Holden with my bare hands," amazingly enough, without doing any paperwork at all.) What's more, these forms would be due in their offices by Friday, April 3. Which is, now, today. So I sat down just now to fill out these forms a bit ago... and... holy crap. I don't know the answers to half the questions on either form—I don't do my own taxes for a reason—and there's no way I could fill out either one in the 26 minutes I budgeted for this. I could plead with Ethics and Elections for an extension, I suppose, but my campaign staff assures me that its easier to suspend my campaign for now and then, if I'm so moved, jump back in later. Which is just what I intend to contemplate doing.

Thank you, God bless you, and may God bless America.