Originally posted Friday night

In sad news, it appears regular commenter Elswinger—nee Larry Davenport—has passed away.

From Elswinger's blog:

Rest In Peace Larry

It is with deep regret that I have to notify you that Larry passed away on Wednesday, 4/8/2009.

He appreciated all who read his blog since it gave him a sense of purpose during some otherwise trying times.


The King County Medical Examiner's office did not have a record of Larry's death, and we'll let you know immediately if we hear it isn't true.

Larry was a regular Slog commenter, with nearly 1,000 comments to his name, and a participant in the All-Slog 2008 Fantasy Football Thunderdome League of Champions™.

Fnarf put it best in an email a few minutes ago:

I'm gutted. We're like family out here in comment-land, most of us.

He will be missed.


From Larry's friend Paul:

Unfortunately what you read on the blog is true. Larry passed away Wednesday morning after a short relapse of pneumonia. It was a sudden illness, but not unexpected as you may know since he wrote about it in detail on his blog.

We are going to do a memorial on Saturday at the 6 Arms at 5PM.

In lieu of flowers we are asking that if people want to do something in his name that they donate to The Evergreen State College annual fund. Larry was a proud Greener.

Thanks for your concern. He loved reading and commenting on the Slog.

Update x2

There seems to have been some sort of miscommunication about the date/time of the memorial.

From Paul:

The memorial is on Saturday, the 18th from 5 to 8 at the Six Arms. We will be in the upstairs part. We'll have an album of photos through the ages. We'd be happy to have anyone who knows him through his blog or the Slog attend.

As far as the questions people asked:
1. Funeral expenses are covered. But it was nice of people to offer.
2. I will post a full description of how he passed away after the memorial. He was very public about his health, but I want to wait until all his friends have had grieving time.
3. He did have one one Aunt, but mostly his friends were his family.
4. Many people suggested donating to the NW Kidney Center Foundation. That is a good charity too.