We’ve already established that pastor Gary Randall makes money off of running a bigoted, anti-gay organization in Washington State, that his group Faith and Freedom plans to run a referendum to repeal the state's domestic-partnership bill, and that because he’s not registered to vote in Washington he can't even file or vote on the referendum himself.

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35b4/1240524101-randall_tv.jpgBut what about the tens of thousands of dollars he makes as president of Faith and Freedom, which is already raising funds for a possible referendum? One thing is clear: He isn’t paying all of his taxes.

According to the Clackamas County Clerk Recording Division, a Gary Randall who owns property in West Linn, Oregon has several federal tax liens against him. The county’s Assessment and Taxation Division confirms that Gary and Marjorie Randall own that West Linn property. In other words, it's the same Gary Randall. Here, according to the recorder's office, are the liens filed against Gary Randall for unpaid taxes:

• The IRS filed a tax lien against Randall in 1990 for $9,991.42.

• The IRS filed another tax lien against Randall in 1990 for $4,584.38.

• And finally, the IRS filed a tax lien against Randall in 2008 for failing to pay taxes in 2005 and 2006. The total for those two years is $21,436.79. These are the years that Randall received the greatest pay from the Faith and Freedom Foundation. The nonprofit paid him a salary of $28,552 in 2005 and $53,877 in 2006.

• In addition, the Clackamas County Clerk Recording Division says Randall owes the Oregon Department of Revenue $2,479.04 for a debt from 1991.

I called Randall to ask how he explains the tens of thousands of dollars in unpaid taxes. I also wanted to know if he had additional employers in 2005 and 2006, and by whom he was paid in the other years for which he owes taxes. But before I could get to those questions, Randall said, “I have tried to make myself available to you and be open and respectful to you. You have not been respectful in return. So I do not have any more comments for you.” He added that I have made errors in my previous posts, but when I asked what those errors were he hung up the phone.

Another thing: Randall told me on Monday, “I have a home in Issaquah,” but it appears he doesn’t actually own any property there. The King County Assessor’s Office searched for properties owned by people named Gary Randall in King County—of which there are three—but none is in Issaquah (they are in Seattle, Redmond, and Federal Way), and none is owned or co-owned by a Marjorie Randall. If Randall has a home anywhere in King County, he rents it.

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Why shine a spotlight on the personal details of this man’s finances and domicile? By preparing to change our laws by public vote, Randall is supposedly acting in the interest of Washington state voters and making himself a public figure here. But he holds no real stake here. The laws in Washington are of no more consequence to Randall than the laws across the border from Washington in Canada, where same-sex marriage has been legal since 2005.

It’s also a matter of public interest that Randall is raising money from Washingtonians—money that donors assume will be handled in accordance with state and federal law—while simultaneously failing to pay taxes intended for the common welfare 19 years after it was due. So, sorry if asking questions about the money you owe isn't “respectful," Gary, but some of us find it pretty disrespectful to meddle in our lives, our laws, our families, and our elections, all while draining from the public coffers.