At last—tomorrow night!—IT'S HAPPENING: Seattle Snuggie™ Crawl '09 in beautiful Ballard. Finally! It's not really even Snuggie™ season anymore. EXCEPT IN OUR HEARTS.

Rules include:

1. BYO Snuggie*. Yes, you must wear a Snuggie. Even the paparazzi covering this event are expected to wear Snuggies. Show up without one at your own risk. We won’t take violation of this rule lightly.

2. Be creative with your Snuggie! You are encouraged to bedazzle or otherwise wow everyone with some sort of Snuggie fashion statement.

3. Slankets and other kinds of blankets with sleeves are completely welcome. The “Snuggie” in Snuggie Fest is being used colloquially as a genericized trademark, like Jell-O or Kleenex. Even homemade numbers are fine. But see Rule #1. Dress code is a blanket with sleeves. Don’t stray too far from the concept!

4. Treat all hosting waitstaff and barstaff with respect and tip them! Serving a marauding drunken band of fools in Snuggies isn’t easy.

5. Please bring food for Northwest Harvest.... Let's help others while having a great time.

Like Snuggie™ says, "Blankets are OK but they can slip and slide, plus your hands are trapped inside"—inside, where they cannot convey a beer or other alcoholic beverage to your mouth. It's just not right.

All the details for Seattle Snuggie™ Crawl '09 may be found here.

*Failure to use ™ throughout from the original, not the liability of this writer, Slog, The Stranger, Dan Savage, or any associated entity.