ecc0/1241804329-filmlead_startrek-570.jpgOver at the National Review, Jonah Goldberg reviews the new Star Trek movie. He's a sci-fi nerd, but of course, he's also a conservative sci-fi nerd, and so he has some serious problems with the increasingly loose morality of Star Trek.

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It’s just a coincidence that in most of these alternative realities, the chicks dress like Christina Aguilera in a guest appearance on Xena: Warrior Princess and have completely rejected all of their Judeo-Christian-Bajoran-Vulcan inhibitions. Call it transdimensional roofie. You know what they say, what happens in a parallel universe stays in a parallel universe.

But his biggest problem with the movie is Leonard Nimoy (or, as he refers to him, "renowned Orthodox Jewish soft-porn photographer Leonard Nimoy.") And then he says that Nimoy has been a problem with every single Trek movie. It's an astounding review from its own kind of parallel universe, and it's especially amazing because it makes me feel bad for Goldberg: He can't enjoy anything without first inspecting it for encroaching liberal moral decay.

Over at conservative film site Big Hollywood, the Republicans are much more forgiving. Almost all of them love it, except for commenter BPT, who throws this comment out of nowhere:

So Spock and Obama are victims of persecution, as opposed to my relatives who fought the Nazis? Good call media.

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Boy, being a community organizer sounds tough. Did Obambi fight in the trenchers? Or wrestle aliens? Now, there’s a story for the faithful.

Way to watch a movie, conservatives!