UPDATE Number 2: According to court documents, the city is demanding a jury trial against Leman. The documents also reveal that the receptionist he allegedly assaulted in 58 years old; that when an officer asked him whether he forcibly took the woman's cell phone and threw it away from her, as she alleged to police, he responded, "I can understand why she would think that," and, in perhaps the saddest detail, that police took his bike away from him for safekeeping when he was arrested.

Leman has not returned multiple calls for comment, and the alleged victim also has not returned a call.

UPDATE: Leman was just seen leaving police headquarters with a woman. He looked disheveled, his hair was standing on end, and he was carrying his possessions in a green plastic bag—"like a man who just got out of jail," a source said.

Chris Leman, a citizen activist known around city hall for his frequent, overbroad records requests, was arrested and booked into King County Jail for allegedly assaulting a Seattle Department of Transportation receptionist last night. According to the police report, Leman showed up at SDOT after hours and began demanding "some sort of traffic plan." (According to SDOT, he was asking for the draft pedestrian master plan, released today). When the receptionist told her she couldn't find it, the police report continues, he "pushed [her] against her chest."

[She] then removed her cell phone to call building security. [Leman] then grabbed [her] right wrist ... and twisted it. He then grabbed the cell phone out of her hand and threw it towards the elevator. ...[She] complained of chest/neck pain and a sore wrist. She was treated at the scene by Seattle Fire."

Leman was arrested on Queen Anne later that night. He is still being held at jail pending $950 bail.

The woman is reportedly seeking a protection order against Leman.

Leman is known for showing up at city council meetings with a nearly endless list of gripes (see, for example, here, here, and here), yelling from the audience, and refusing to stop talking after his allotted time for public comment is through.

City Hall employees, especially administrative and reception staff, have been told to be extra-vigilant in case Leman shows up and looks "unwell or unsafe," sources there say. Sources with experience dealing with Leman said variations of, "it was only a matter of time."

A call to Leman's house has not been returned.

Additional reporting by Jonah Spangenthal-Lee.