A week ago this evening, from 10 pm to midnight, Lindy West and I got very drunk at an AM talk radio station in Bellevue. We were there to talk about the results of The Stranger's sex survey, though we weren't technically even allowed to read the sex survey as it was worded because of all the rules about what you can and can't say on the air, and yet hilariously, during the show, one of the hosts said "fuck" inadvertently. (She was reading aloud that a Stranger reader had written "Fuck a unicorn" as the one thing he wanted to accomplish sexually before he died. The techs were unable to bleep "fuck" in the live airing but presumably it's bleeped now. Haven't listened to it again.) The first hour's here. The second hour's here.

(Yes. TWO HOURS. Of talking. One of us, nervously, could not shut up. But Ms. West? She was all poise. It'll be a few hours before Slog gets hopping, and you've probably got nothing else to do. Those links are totally SFW—so long as you're wearing headphones.)