Just got off the phone with potential mayoral candidate (and retiring city council member) Jan Drago, who says she'll decide within a week to ten days "at the outside" whether she'll challenge two-term mayor Greg Nickels. Drago's polling shows that she wins 45 to 24 in a two-way lineup with Nickels. Nickels' campaign spokesman Sandeep Kaushik criticized the poll results Drago released, noting that they didn't include other primary candidates or the results of "uninformed" voters (i.e. voters who weren't told about Drago's long history on the council, the fact that she would be the only female mayor in 80 years, or that she'd been a small business owner). Drago's response: "The purpose of the poll was to determine if I was a viable candidate and clearly the answer to that is yes. And it also showed that the mayor was weaker than previously seen. Not only has he not gotten, stronger or stabilized, his numbers continue to decline." As for the lack of questions about other candidates, Drago said: "Fair enough. It was not an expensive poll and we didn't ask a primary question with the whole field. .. This was only to find out what my viability was." On that front, Drago says, she's encouraged. "I am very, very gratified by the results." She says she'll make her decision in "max, ten days."