Uh, Thanks?: Republican who called Schumer "that Jew" says he "shouldn't have gotten into that Jewish business."

"We Are Sorry": Church official apologizes for putting abusive priests in parishes.

Tea-hee: Republicans try for Tea Party 2.0.

Deficit "Unsustainable": "We can't just keep borrowing from China," Obama says.

Rejected: Chrysler to shut down a quarter of its US dealers.

"Enough's Enough": Obama pushes for new restrictions on credit-card rate hikes.

Sick: Food companies say responsibility for food safety rests with consumers.

Not Over Yet: Northwestern student has confirmed case of swine flu.

"Thousands" of Layoffs: In California, facing $15B deficit.

Going National: Calorie labeling on menus may be coming to a chain restaurant near you.

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Recipe of the Day: Duck Noodle Soup (Recipe and photo via Pithy and Cleaver)