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During both of your runs for governor you said that "Washington isn't ready for gay marriage." Are we any readier today?


Where are you on marriage equality today, post-Iowa, Vermont, Maine, New Hampshire. Would you sign a marriage equality bill today?

"I'll have to see a bill on my desk."

Will you sign a marriage equality bill if it lands on your desk?

"I want to see a bill on my desk."

Presumably you don't want to see a bill on your desk just so you can veto the thing?

"I want to see a bill on my desk."

In your remarks you said that during this process people came to see the "absolute sameness" of gay and lesbian couples—the sameness of our love, the sameness our commitment to our families. Why not the "same" institution then to protect our families? Why create a separate institution? Why not open marriage, the absolute same institution, to absolutely-the-same same-sex couples?

"What we've learned over the last three years is that those who said 'let's take this one step at a time' were right. During the first legislative effort, after the first [domestic partner] bill passed, legislators went home worried about being criticized for supporting it. But they found the opposite reaction when they went home; they heard from voters and constituents who supported their decision, they heard from people they didn't know were gay. That education allowed us to get where we are today."

Thank you, Governor.