Another prostitution bust for Bainbridge Island. Last February, police arrested some prostitutes at a hotel.

Now they've scared away a fully functioning brothel on the south end of the island. The brothel, which probably got wise to the investigation, closed shop voluntarily.

Police learned of the brothel after receiving over a dozen complaints from neighbors. In a few cases, would-be clients accidentally went to the wrong address or were spotted sneaking around in backyards.

“Neighbors were getting odd knocks during the middle of the night, with men asking for (prostitutes) by name,” Shultz said.

“I’m amazed,” said Iver McDougal, president of the South Bainbridge Neighborhood Association and 30-year island resident. “A lot of people, I know, will be surprised and not very happy.”

Brothels don’t fit the image many have of Bainbridge, he said. The island has relatively low crime and boasts a well-educated and wealthy populace.

“We’re an upscale community and I think we have a sort of upscale self-image,” he said.

Since when are brothels necessarily downscale, Mr. McDougal? If they're good enough for Eliot Spitzer, they're good enough for Bainbridge Island.