Just popping my silly little red head in to say IN YOUR FACE! I just spent the last hour with Natasha Lyonne! You can read the whole brilliant interview just as soon as I’m done writing it, but here is what you must know right now: She is the special celebrity guest appearer at tonight’s screening of The Immaculate Conception of Little Dizzle, a movie upon which I am almost completely unqualified to speak, as I haven’t seen it yet. But what I know for sure is that it was filmed in Seattle, it stars a LOT of very cute boys you’d recognize from TV and film, and it also features our very own Sean Nelson (who, if you didn’t know, is 180 feet tall and topped with a corona of frizzy curls and Elvis Costello Glasses, and he wore a baby-pink suit to SIFF Opening night—all he could possibly do now to increase his visibility is BLINK) and "Awesome" favorite John Osebold (et al.), and it's about an erstwhile gang of toilet-cleaners who get addicted to cookies and then give birth to mysterious blue-butt creatures and start taking really interesting showers. Or something like that. And I got most of THAT information from here:

It screens tonight at 9:30 at the Egyptian Theater (801 East Pine Street), and I’ll be there. With Natasha Lyonne. And her almost Drew Barrymore-esque air of fabulous scandal and fabulouser fame. And so will you.

Won’t you, now? Yes, I think you will.

9:30, The Egyptian. Don’t forget!