Former Seattle port commissioner Alec Fisken—a wonky, angry reformer on the Port who thrown over by Republican Bill Bryant in the "throw the bums out" election of 2007—announced this morning that he will run for the Port seat being vacated by Lloyd Hara, who's running to replace county assessor Scott Noble. (Noble's stepping down after a serious drunk-driving accident.) Here's what we said about Fisken the last time he ran:

The other race features challenger Bill Bryant and incumbent Alec Fisken. However, this isn't a case where the challenger deserves your vote. Bryant has stronger ties to the establishment than the incumbent; he's a big supporter of status-quo commissioner Pat Davis and is supported by ultraconservative PAC Builders United in Legislative Development and former port CEO Dinsmore. He's also a generous Republican donor. While the SECB has endorsed Republicans in the past, 2007 is not a year we're willing to support the GOP in any way.

Incumbent Fisken is a watchdog on the inside—he drew port counsel's attention to the inappropriate locked-door sessions. And as opposed to Bryant's corporate backing ($155,000 from a concentrated pool of establishment donors), Fisken has half as much cash, but twice as many donors, relying on $50 contributions from just about every cool progressive in the city.

Also running for Port this year: Position 1 incumbent John Creighton, and Position 4 candidates Tom Albro, Rob Holland, and Thom McCann. Albro founded the company that operates the Seattle Monorail; Holland is the former chair of the 37th District Democrats and will be the first African American to serve on the Port if he wins; and McCann ran in 2007 on a bumper-sticker campaign to eliminate the port's taxing authority. If you're interested in seeing the port candidates up close and in person, there's a candidate forum scheduled for Wednesday, June 3, from 7 to 9 pm, at the South Park Community Center (8319 8th Ave. S.); more information available on the event's Facebook page.