Not gonna happen, says The Tyee (Vancouver), in the first part of a four-part series:

The truth is as hard and cold as a steel rail: Neither U.S. President Barack Obama's multi-billion-dollar rail stimulus package nor Washington State's long-range plan to revive passenger rail in the Pacific Northwest envisions the creation of high-speed service to Vancouver.

The B.C. Ministry of Transportation also has no plans for high-speed rail. Instead, as a direct result of years of inaction, Minister Kevin Falcon appears to have helped turn away hundreds of millions of dollars in U.S. stimulus funds that were allotted to improve track conditions north of Seattle.

The Government of Canada has specifically excluded British Columbia from discussions about the creation of high-speed rail lines in Alberta, Ontario and Quebec. And the Harper government is literally barring a Washington State effort to bring a second daily Amtrak train across the border. ...

"Our approach is an incremental approach. To put in Acela-type tracks would be way beyond the realm of possibility," [Washington State Department of Transportation] spokesperson Vickie Sheehan told The Tyee.

"We are building conventional inter-city rail," said Sheehan, who works in the State Rail and Marine Office.

"I don't think anyone here envisions going faster than 79 miles per hour any time soon. The corridor is very curvy," she added.

Sheenan was equally blunt when asked whether there is any scenario under which Washington State would consider creating a new high-speed rail corridor like those in Europe and Japan.

"Not at all," she said.

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