Benj. F. Dawson III, P.E., writes,

Re the interesting book column by your news editor, Ms. Barnett:

Don't you people do any basic fact-checking? Bill Shirer worked for Ed Murrow at CBS, not at ABC. ABC didn't even exist until the breakup of the NBC red and blue networks in 1943 and wasn't given that name until sometime in 1944. And Shirer was blacklisted by the "Red Channels" people and as a result reportedly turned to historical writing because of his inability to work in broadcasting.
See Eric Barnouw's 3 volume history of broadcasting or even Wikipedia for the data.

Benj. F. Dawson III, P.E.
Professional Telecommunications (and Broadcasting) Engineer
and amateur broadcasting historian

I confess that in my research for this week's Hitler-related roundup, I utterly neglected to read "Eric Barnouw's 3 volume history of broadcasting." However, I did check Wikipedia, and Mr. Dawson Etc. is correct—Shirer worked for CBS Radio, not ABC. I regret (and have corrected) the error.

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