Just got off the phone with former city council member Peter Steinbrueck (whose enthusiastic support for council candidate David Bloom last night made me question his prior endorsement of Sally Bagshaw, Bloom's opponent), who confirms that he has, indeed, endorsed both Bloom and Bagshaw. Steinbrueck's explanation, in part:

Endorsements are a tricky thing, especially for high-profile endorsers, because everyone wants your endorsement. ... I'm absolutely, unqualifiedly behind [Bloom's] candidacy, but he didn't decide on his seat until after I had endorsed Sally. She was the first person I endorsed. I have a personal and family connection with her and... I'm happy to dual endorse both of them. ... I consider David an activist ally for many years. He's a really decent person. Sally is too.

Steinbrueck confirmed that he's also endorsed two candidates in the six-way Position 8 race: Robert Rosencrantz, a landlord and three-time council candidate, and David Miller, a north Seattle neighborhood activist. His reasoning:

I've known Robert for a long time and he's certainly more conservative than other candidates, but the guy has a lot of integrity. He's passionate and determined. He does have a difficult time communicating with people, [Ed: Um, yeah] but he's very thoughtful, principled, and purposeful... David is someone I've been talking with throughout the campaign. He lives close to my neighborhood [Northgate], so there's a geographic tie-in. I've found him to be smart, analytical, and effective. He's an interesting balance of a neighborhood and a small-business guy.

Asked if he wouldn't rather have a council full of lefty, progressive types like Nick Licata (who was described, at Bloom's event last night, as the only remaining "real" progressive on the council), Steinbrueck responded vehemently, "No way! Nor would I want nine of me on there! I think the council as a legislative body benefits from having a range of viewpoints and also some range on their political perspective, which is pretty darn narrow in Seattle."

OH AND (update): Steinbrueck told me last night that he has no plans to endorse anyone in the mayoral primary, but that he would consider endorsing his frequent council adversary Jan Drago in the general, if both she and Nickels make t through, "if she changes her message" to appeal to neighborhoods outside downtown and to present a clear contrast with Nickels. No way will Steinbrueck be endorsing Nickels, though.