A 15-year-old Shoreline teen was severely injured at the Folklife Festival after he was apparently attacked by a gang of Juggalos.

According to a report just released by the Seattle Police Department, the teen was sitting underneath the Space Needle talking to a group of girls on May 23rd when he spotted several men wearing dark clothing and clown makeup attacking another man.

The teen tried to intervene in the fight and was allegedly attacked by two of the Juggalos who, the report says, punched the teen in the jaw six or seven times, put him in a headlock and threw him to the ground.

The report says the teen's jaw was "severely broken" in the attack and required surgery. The teen now has four plates in his jaw, which is wired shut.

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The teen could not give police a clear description of the men because they were wearing makeup.

The report lists the Juggalos as a street gang, but SPD could not immediately provide information as to whether or not Seattle's Juggalo gang is an organized group.