City Attorney Tom Carr—who's being challenged for reelection by Pete Holmes, the former head of the city's Office of Professional Accountability Review Board, which oversees internal police-misconduct investigations—just received endorsements from two former OPA auditors, Terry Carroll and Kate Pflaumer. Pflaumer's endorsement is somewhat surprising, since she has differed from Carr on issues such as the release of reports critical of the police (and actually endorsed Carr's opponent, Edsonya Charles, during his first run for city attorney in 2001). Pflaumer was OPA auditor until earlier this year; Carroll was the first auditor for the office, which was created in 1999.

Speaking of long-ago history: Carr's campaign manager is Cindi Laws, who served on the board of the Seattle Monorail Project, which Carr helped found. On Holmes's endorsement list: Attorney Cleve Stockmeyer, who served on the SMP board at the same time as Laws.