Douchebag anti-gay activist Larry Stickney, president of the Washington Values Alliance, reacts to the news that gay activists intend to publish the names and addresses of Washington residents who sign petitions for I-71:

"They take the politics of personal destruction to new levels. I am a personal recipient of dozens of obscene and threatening e-mails and phone calls since we filed this."

If I-71 makes the ballot and is approved by voters it will strip same-sex couples in Washington state of newly won domestic partnership rights and responsibilities. Among the rights Stickney is working to repeal: the partner of a lesbian firefighter or gay cop who dies in the line of duty can now receive pension and survivor benefits. Larry wants to make sure that a dead lesbian firefighter's partner and children are left destitute—how is that not the "politics of personal destruction"? Larry also wants to prevent gays and lesbians from being able to use sick leave to care of their ailing domestic partners... because when a sick gay man has his partner at his side it somehow undermines the sanctity of Larry's three marriages.

If anyone is engaged in the politics of personal destruction, Larry, it's you, you dumb asshole. You're the one attacking gay people and our families. You threw the first punch, politics ain't beanbag, if you can't stand the heat, etc. And the entirely legal dissemination of public documents—the names and addresses on your petitions—hardly compares to the personal and political attacks you've launched on gays and lesbians. The same info was widely publicized in California after Prop 8—donors, not signers—and not a single Prop 8 supporter's home was so much as TP'd. Gay activists, unlike religious activists, aren't really violent.

And I'm sorry, Larry, but if you and your supporters believe that stripping same-sex couples of our rights is a moral imperative—if you believe that making grieving lesbian widows more miserable in the best interests of the family, our society, and all three of your marriages—then you and your supporters should be proud to see your names publicized.