Because you should have been at Nectar for the Juan Maclean and the Field:

"The entire 22 minutes of it were fucking incredible, an epic display of dance-music dynamics that even ADHD sufferers probably hated to see end."

"He'll be working one hypnotic loop for minutes, and then he'll just, like, nudge the loop point forward half a second to catch a different fragment of sound, and it totally changes the whole tone—it's minimalist, but once you get into it the payoffs are so great."

"The basic concept of the video was this: quick, flickering flashes between big modern/industrial landscapes (a freeway, some silos, telephone wires) and identically composed scenes of human scale, with a person wearing a paper mask of Axel Willner's face interacting with various ordinary objects. So, the video would strobe between the silos and some similarly arranged buckets, on which a flickering Willner, apearing only in the frames with the buckets, but leaving a ghost image on the landscapes, would drum, giving the appearance of a giant playing bongos on some factory."