There were all kinds of things on the agenda for this morning's Weekday—health care reform, Amanda Knox, Swine Flu—but we got quite distracted by this.

So did the listeners, who called in with their own lists of things you can't say in Seattle: "I love Seattle," "I'm on dial-up," "Baseball is boring," "Get your dog out of this bar."

Host Steve Scher also read aloud a competing list of Six Things You Can't Say in Seattle that was offered by Slog commenter Objective observer. That list included:

6. "I hate you"; "I'm happy"; any expression of pure emotion rather than attempts to follow moral rules and codes.

5. "You know, you're too uninformed and mistaken to make a valid contribution to this discussion, so we won't include your views in the final report. Please sit down and shut up, you're just blocking progress." ...

1. "Actually, the rain does suck!"

Clearly, however, we have not arrived at the final and definitive list. I trust the commenters of Slog can provide additional help.