Democratic "sources" are claiming that last night's DNC fundraiser—the DNC's annual LGBT Leadership Council dinner—"brought in nearly $1 million, up from about $750,000 last year." But Democratic sources, desperate to downplay the controversy kicked up Obama's DOMA brief, would say that, wouldn't they? I'd like to see some independent confirmation of the amount of money raised, thanks. But even if the DNC raised $1 million—even if they raised $2 million—the howls of protest that greeted Obama's DOMA brief have had a big impact. And this isn't the kind of lead the DNC wants to see in reports about their fundraisers:

Attendees of the 10th annual LGBT Leadership Council fundraiser for the Democratic National Committee Thursday were greeted by protesters carrying signs that read “Gay Uncle Toms” and “265 Discharged Since January 20, 2009.”

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When Wisconsin Rep. Tammy Baldwin arrived, she chatted with the spirited flock of about 25 and then pivoted to enter the Mandarin Oriental Hotel as cries of “Don’t go in, Tammy!” and “Shame on you!” followed her.

The administration has been called out everywhere—from the New York Times to the AP to NPR to Comedy Central—on its inaction on DADT and betrayal on DOMA. Gay opinion leaders—people like Andrew Sullivan, Pam Spaulding, Michelangelo Signorile, John Aravosis—aren't going to shut up. They're going to keep hammering away at the administration until we see action on DOMA, DADT, ENDA, hate crimes, and the HIV Travel Ban. It ain't over. Not by a long shot—and remember: the other shoe has yet to drop.