Earlier today I issued this challenge to Lynn Shelton...

The Stranger's annual amateur-and-locally-produced porn festival—HUMP!—inspired you to make the film that's making you famous. We're thrilled for you, of course, but it seems to us that you owe HUMP! some love. The genius that is Humpday is entirely your doing, of course, and all artistic credit goes to your and your remarkable cast. But... no HUMP!, no Humpday, am I right? So your friends at the Stranger are challenging you to make a film for HUMP! Nothing to onerous, nothing feature-length, nothing that forces your actors or the characters they're playing to take stock of their lives. Just something cute and sexy and funny and under five minutes. HUMP! gave you so much. Give somethin' back to HUMP!, Lynn.

Lynn responded to my challenge with one of her own...

Okay Dan, I'll make you a deal: I'll make a movie for HUMP! if you will drag your ass to one of the screenings of my feature this weekend (matinee, evening, any time you like) at the conveniently located Harvard Exit. With ten of your closest friends.


A) I really want to you to see my movie and then to find out what you think of it (the film would not exist without The Stranger... not just because of HUMP! but also because of the education that your paper has given me over the years on the sex positive, polyamorous not-so-sub-culture of this town, which plays a huge part in the film, not to mention all of the musings about sexual mores and sexual politics and the ridigity/fluidity of sexual boundaries that your column has given me cause to ponder over);

B) The more butts I can get into seats this opening weekend the more the likelihood that this film will open in some multiplex in Podunk, U.S.A. (which feeds into my evil plan to treat the crowd that thinks they're in for "The Hangover II" to the hangover cure: an anti-misogynistic, anti-homophobic bromantic comedy...)

Cheers (and thanks),


You're on, Lynn. Unfortunately I can't see Humpday this weekend—prior out-of-town commitment—but that doesn't mean I can't get butts into seats: I'm buying ten tickets to the Friday night screening at Harvard Exit and giving them away on Slog on Friday. Stay tuned for details. And Sloggers & HUMPers: Do your part to get a HUMP submission out of Shelton and Shelton's Humpday into multiplexes in Podunk, U.S.A.: Go see Humpday this weekend at the Harvard Exit! And take ten friends! Do it for HUMP and for the kids in Podunk!