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Move your increasingly big ass over, Old School Custard and Molly Moon's: Bluebird Homemade Ice Cream & Tea Room opens today at 5 p.m. at 1205 E. Pike (at 12th), with free beer in celebration. Their flavors include Vivace Stumptown coffee and an Elysian stout ice cream that you have to taste to comprehend: It is incredible, in the sense of not-to-be-believed-beery-rich-and-amazing. Bluebird will also serve sandwiches and tea at lunch and dinnertime.

Former Crave chef and soon-to-be Top Chef contestant Robin Leventhal twittered:

Just tasted the Peanut Butter & Snicker doodle Ice Cream Josh is making at his Cap Hill store Bluebird. DELISCIOUS!

[Another local chef made it onto season six of Top Chef too: Ashley Merriman of Branzino.]

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Capitol Hill Seattle Blog has an interview with Bluebird owner Josh and more details.

Once Cupcake Royale opens, the streets of Capitol Hill will be officially paved with sugar cubes.