So said Slog commenter PC yesterday in a comment that's worth reading and republishing. In response to a great Eqsuire interview with Howard Dean that I linked to, PC wrote:

It's Dean's job to get the votes, to stir up grass roots pressure in those conservadem districts, and it's Obama's job, and they're falling down on the job.

Look folks, the Stranger can't even explain this co-op thing; can't say why it's no good; there's no talking points, no message, there's no rallies in NE and AR and ME with Obama and 50,000 screaming fans in a stadium to MAKE the god damn conservadems vote the right way.

Good god folks, we're sitting here begging and pleading Maria Cantwell to come out the right way and we drool on her every hint like little lap dogs.

Folks, if it's July and we don't even have Cantwell, there's no way we're getting a public plan, and the reason is Obama and Dean are playing politics as usual and are NOT changing the game with the grass roots pressure like O-man promised.

You caite all the Krugman and all the articles you want and you can publish all the stern invective from Dean you want. Shit, write ten pieces trying to explain co-ops. In the end that doesn't mean a god damn thing to the senators from freaking Arkansas Louisiana Nebraska and Maine. What means something to them is if they don't vote the right way, they're gonna lose their jobs.

For those here in Washington who want to put pressure on Maria Cantwell over her lack of opposition to the co-op compromise, and her wishy-washy statements on the public plan, MoveOn and others are, as Dan noted earlier, organizing a rally in front of her downtown Seattle office today during the lunch hour. Time and place details in the jump.

Public Option Now! Health Care Rally

Sen. Maria Cantwell's District Office

915 Second Avenue, Suite 3206

Seattle, WA 98174

Thursday, July 09th, 12:15 PM