24e0/1247522469-asf0809storiesinteriorcover.jpgSlog tipper Matthew writes to inform us that Derek Zumsteg, who blogs for the U.S.S. Mariner (which is apparently some sort of blog that covers some sort of local sporting event), has a story in this month's Asimov's Science Fiction magazine.

Suite 101, which is a media review site, recommends the story and gives a synopsis:

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In Derek Zumsteg's 'Blue' only two of the original seven crew are left alive aboard a stranded research ship in orbit around a black hole that isn't black. They spend their time bickering over food, but their arguments are symbolic of a deeper grief, and guilt that they dare not talk openly about

Mr. Zumsteg is a graduate of Clarion West, the local sci-fi writer's program. Congratulations to him and thanks to Matthew for the tip. I'll track down an issue and let you know what I think soon enough.