The West Seattle Democratic Women are sponsoring a debate between City Attorney Tom Carr and challenger Pete Holmes, who face off in the general election. The Carr campaign has been attempting to call into question whether Holmes, who chaired the police-misconduct oversight committee for five years in his capacity as an attorney, is qualified to be the city attorney. The debate emerged in the comments of this article a couple weeks ago and has erupted into a full scale attack. Not only has Carr's campaign doubted that Holmes's background as a bankruptcy attorney is inadequate, Carr's campaign manager Cindi Laws has argued that Holmes isn't a practicing attorney, and thus fails to meet the city-charter-mandated requirements for office (she even posted on her Facebook page today that "Holmes doesn't meet Seattle Charter requirements for the position he is running for"). She made the same argument when I spoke to her a few weeks ago. Goldy dismantles her bogus claim today on Horse'sAss.

Speaking of ass, Holmes has been kicking Carr's ass all over the map in District Democrat endorsement meetings—winning all but Carr's home 34th District—by decrying Carr's rabid pursuit of low-level, nonviolent crimes (like charging people caught in a bar sting with one-year jail terms) and defending the city in cases that Holmes says the city should just concede failure (like restricting the place a man can blow up balloon animals in Seattle Center).

The debate begins at 11:00 a.m. on Thursday, September 24 at the West Seattle Golf Course. There are only 175 seats available and you must RSVP on the debate's Facebook page for a ticket (the group hasn't set a price yet but they say it will be "a nominal fee").