Beer Madness


I can't tell. Are they drinking King Cobras or Old English?

I mean, we know what the other 3 drank.
LOL @ throwing in another white guy (the V.P.) to balance it out and not make it appear that the 2 blacks were teaming up on that stud cop
That looks like a god-be-damned good time; if I could have crashed it with a few barely-legal girls, a few definitely-legal-but-still-fun women, my gay uncle, a bong, a sack of whateve-weed, and maybe some random pills (nothing strong), I would have gladly died shortly after. Actually, if any of those were involved.

P.S. Did I misuse the - ? Just curious.
This is so much funnier if you imagine it happening with a McCain/Palin presidency.
Joe Biden "had a nonalcoholic drink"

What will Dan Savage say about this and its implications?!?!?!
LOL The President most certainly does not need to bring anyone else in order to look non threatening or as not ganging up on a poor feeble white cop (supposedly). I think that his handsome features pretty much shatter instantly the same old tiring characterizations that some love to make about black men.

I love how professor Gates silenced the bigots that were foaming with anticipation to see him with a Red Stripe (and accuse him of being un-american and all the other garbage that they tried to imply) on his hands. Samuel Adams, lets see them try to spin that one!
Um, I've never been more happy to not own a TV.
You are right about bringing in Biden for no other reason than to make it look like the cop was not being set up.
This is really what media is paid to cover? I second that not having TV comment.
Christ - tomorrow I must replace my Fred Meyer polyurethane baby-puke-green deck chairs - and then see if I can persuade anyone to come over, sit in 95-degree misery and drink Stella Artois - while we discuss pit bulls, happy faces in Ballard and baguettes de plastique. I once broke into my own bedroom on Haight Street, in broad daylight, while passers-by passed by, not one of them calling 911. Later that night I picked up a cop in the Castro - so it all ended rather well. Sometime later I related this anecdote to Maya Angelou and she said: "Honey, we're all more alike than we are different..." and then we knocked back a couple of Johnny Walkers neat.
"What will Dan Savage say about this and its implications?!?!?!"

You're a creepy stalker, dude.
First person to invent the silent camera shutter will become a modern saint. Perhaps I'll get started on that...
@5), You used them correctly, although quite a bit. Sometimes I find that once I start hyphenating, it's hard to quit.

And yes, this is the stupidest thing I've ever seen.
gates switched to sam adams from red stripe. smart move, real american. adding biden was smart politics. you'd rather it was rahm?
I want to know why Hillary wasn't there knocking back a Crown Royale.
Hillary is a big Mike's Hard Lemonade fan. It's a Wellsley kind of drink.