Disgruntled Kinko's Employee?


A lower form of life is the barista at Victorla who was trying to take my coffee order while she was talking to her friend on her cell phone.

It works both ways
You're in service. You want respect? Should have studied harder in school.
I don't think it works to appeal to people's better natures after condemning them to death.

Also, this might work better as a text message to the offender's cell phone than as a piece of trash on a telephone pole that no one would ever look at.
This poster is beautiful. Nicely designed. And true.
"And true"

True, but only if you're f*cked up in life and are stuck in a dead end job with a massive chip on your shoulder.
Gotta agree with the first part (while being helped) but gotta withhold judgment on the second part (while standing in line???). Seriously, I can't make a discreet call while I'm waiting for you to get to me?
I wonder what they think of people making conversation while seated at a restaurant who are approached by a server yet want to finish their sentence....
Talking on your cell when you're ordering is pretty bad, but talking on your cell in line is, I think, in-bounds. Especially if the line is really long and slow moving. Vivace is a good example of this -- they make really good coffee, but they often have long, slow-moving lines. I don't really see why I should be expected to waste the 10 minutes it takes me to get to the front of the line to order my coffee. As long as I'm off the line by the time I get to the counter (and I'm not one of those people who carries on all cell phone conversations at a hypertensive bellow) I can't see how it's the server's business.
Creeps me out. Since we're still not making sure the likes of James A. Williams and Naveed Afzal Haq don't keep going on and off and on and off their meds, I worry.
Isn't it "shot on site"? I'm probably wrong, but doesn't it make more sense that way?

I don't think there's anything wrong with talking on the phone while in line as long as you cut the conversation before it's your turn.

It's a pretty poster if you squint your eyes. I think the author needs to relax.
Really? Exactly how "low" on the human social chain ARE cell phone talkers? Lower than child rapists? Lower than murderers? Lower than nose-pickers? Multiple DUI drivers? Dead-beat parents? Bigots? Passive-aggressive service employees who can't confront their customers but who can waste time, money, energy and natural resources to staple posters to telephone poles?

Give me some context here, peoplez...
I'll at least give Stupid White Man some credit...he honestly comes by his pseudonym...

and, it's not just yakking on cell phones while standing in line...the stupid cell phone addicts who do EVERYTHING with that gawdamned device clamped to their ear all need to be dumped on a deserted island for a month or two to detox from their addiction. My favorites are the ones who go to a beach or a park to relax and spend the entire time on their phone...lame.
"My favorites are the ones who go to a beach or a park to relax and spend the entire time on their phone...lame."

Maybe they're reading the New York Times online? I do with my iPhone.
@12 I was at Alki Memorial Day weekend and my friends and I sat right next to a man who was on his phone for a good 40 minutes talking about how his "life right now consists of the beach and baseball." We made fun of him the whole time.
I vote "nose-pickers."
i wait tables and i studied hard in school and did quite well (i would guarantee i did better than you, swm. wanna bet?). so screw you and your judgment on other people's jobs. everyone gets annoyed with people they have to work with in the service industry or otherwise. the poster is a little over the top but who cares. it's a slow posting day.
#16 did so well they can't be bother to register on Slog!
@10, sorry, no, its definitely "shot on sight". As in, if you see them, shoot them. "Shot on site" is pretty good though. Top marks for creativity.

Perhaps we should shoot Seattlites who incessantly bitch about minor and trivial annoyances. We'd have to invest in machine guns, but it'd be worth it.
Is that passive-aggressive?
silly, that's just a band name. they're playing the tractor next tuesday.
perhaps your mother is very ill, close to death, and sis is checking to see when you are going to get there

I don't do the cell phone chatter about nothing game, but, they do have very valid uses

it is sorry how small some people have made their worlds, sad

getting run over is far more likely - or crashed by the drivers who are texting and not driving with full attention - NOW - that is a giant problem

With every ubiquitous change that affects how people interact, new protocols and manners get hammered out. This was also true when the _wired_ phones were first used. Or silverware and plates.

It is normal societal change. You'll have a much easier time of it by dealing with it constructively. Some people's reactions to cell phones are so extreme they are luddite.

Maybe the cell phone industry needs a modern version of something like this: http://www.archive.org/details/CaseofSp1… "Imagine a world without cell phones!"
Yes, it would be "shot on site", not sight

homophones are very difficult for the uneducated.

They really SHOULD have studied harder in school. #2 ftw

You're in service. You want respect? Should have studied harder in school.
No, @10 and @23. "Shot on sight" is correct.

"Shot on site" -- as opposed to taking you to be shot somewhere else?
ok, but what if the cellphone user is a baby who is in a bar with his dog and they are eating foie gras?

Oh, and the dog just peed on the grass before going into the bar.
@10 "Shot on sight" means shot when they are seen, while "shot on site" means shot where they are. The former is specific, while the latter is redundant.
Yes, it would be "shot on site", not sight. homophones are very difficult for the uneducated.

I honestly can't tell if you're being ironic. Anyway, it's "shot on sight", as someone else pointed out: "if you see them, shoot them." It basically means, "shoot them before they have time to do anything." Roosevelt famously issued a "shoot on sight" order for German submarines immediately before WWII.

Homophones are difficult for everyone, educated or no.
stupid white man @ 2 & 5 = Asshole.
Maybe your just playing an antagonist to create a dialogue, or to be funny?
But I think your probably just an asshole.
"But I think your probably just an asshole."

I imagine that's what most baristas think since I refuse to tip fu*kers who don't give table service.....but I always have a come back when I look up from my iPhone:

"Make that a double why don't ya!"
Oh snap! i was lazy and trusted Google's 85,000 results for site versus 65,000 for sight

I'm not cunty enough to ignore being wrong
28: you mean, "Maybe *you're*"

YESSSS now we're even for the homophones!!
I Googled "shoot on sight" and most of the results read "shoot at sight". I guess either are acceptable.

I'm glad the conversation went in this direction. It's waaaay more interesting to me than the ol' phones suck/phones rock debate. But I'm super boring like that.
@29: "Make that a double why don't ya!"

Ohhh my, LOL.
You sure told them! That is sooo witty, and the epitome of class. Those working poor losers ain't got nothing on you.
@34 don't worry ... I am sure he consumes quite a lot of other people's body fluids without even knowing it ...
What's most annoying is the counter clerk who takes a phone call while in the middle of serving me.

Loud and clear message to me is: This person on the phone is more important than you are. I try to take my business elsewhere, or at the very least explain to the clerk that what they did was rude. Most are clueless.
You want service? You look down on them? Get ready to drink spit.
37, you just underscored, entirely, why these creatures do not deserve our respect.

Without our respect/tips/gratitude they are going to spit in our product? BAHH! That is absolutely exasperating and disgusting.

Hey what if your accountant fucked up your numbers for you because you were rude?

Give me a fucking break and get over yourselves.

I worked in the service industry all throughout college. There were many times I would have loved to spit in someone's drink, or drop their sandwich on the floor before serving it to them, any number of things. But I never did ...

The thing is ... THEY COULD, chances are most of them don't ... but they could, and if they did you deserved it. ... and why do you have to act like such an entitled prick that is "so much better than them" ?? Exactly what good does that do for you? What kind of power does that give you, exactly? Because, trust me, the people that are serving you while you are acting like a total fucking prick are not the only people thinking that you are a total fucking prick. Your "peers" (ie the other patrons of the establishment) also think that you are a big fucking prick and probably, a lot of them are also thinking that if they were your server they would include a nasty little surprise in whatever it is they are serving to you.
"and if they did (spit in your drink) you deserved it"

Hey, if you believe that your perceived grievance against a PAYING CUSTOMER as it pertains to a job you agreed to perform and are paid to perform warrants putting your bodily fluids into a product that you are presenting to the said paying customer, supporting the said business that hands you a check is fair game, then there is absolutely no reasoning with you.

I admit, I feel superior to individuals who would exact such vindictiveness.
You're there to service me. Now, quit your bitching and realize that stupid fucking neck tattoo pretty much guarantees you'll be servicing me for the rest of your life, unless you are the 1 in 1000 barista/waiter who actually is a talented 'artist'.

Best of luck. Now make that a fast double espresso dipshit, I have a call to make.
Well it's nice to know that all it takes to feel superior to others is a community college education and an "I told you so" attiude.
42, you completely ignored my points and are now sulking and resorting to sarcasm

Like I said, you are completely beyond reason.
Oooh Temper tantrum!
@40 you are not paying someone to treat them like shit. You are paying them to make your drink. Treating people like shit is going to cause a reaction. Just like if you randomly call someone an asshole when walking down the street they will likely REACT. I don't support people putting the bodily fluids into what you are going to consume, as I said even when I really wanted to, I never did. But they aren't going to do it ... if you didn't do something douchey in the first place.

My question is what makes you superior over people in the service industry, NOT over people who put bodily fluids in your food.

@41 fat chance jack ass, I don't work in the service industry, am covered in tattoos and work in a cushy office job likely making a lot more than you ;0)
45: Is it treating someone like shit to passively talk on my cell phone as I am served, thus avoiding the forced obligatory smalltalk about how my day went with a total stranger who could give a fuck about how my day went?

If anything, it makes it easier and less work for the server if I am on my phone.

If there is a clearly posted policy of "no cell phones at the counter" then there it is.

Those jackasses can step out of the line or choose to hold it up further: and thats when the counter person can point to the sign, shrug, point back to the offending customer, make wanking motions, stick their tongue out and roll their eyeballs back like a zombie, make an exasperated arms up to heaven gesture to the heavens...and then say to the next in line "how may I help you?"
"Shot on site" is a cinematic term, no? Equal to "shot on location"?

I vote for "shot on cite".

I hate it when people try to ask about my day or offer unsolicited anecdotes from their life.

This makes me want to fake talk on my phone while being ringed up to safe gard againts it.
"If there is a clearly posted policy of "no cell phones at the counter" then there it is."

Yep, and I ignore it. Just like I ignore the tip cup in a place with no table service.
@ Parker - LOL! You're one of THOSE people.

So being polite to your server is just too much to bear? You have to hide behind your cell phone? That's very revealing.

Say, remember when you were all up in arms about animal rights and how we shouldn't eat them because killing is just plain wrong? How do you reconcile that with supporting a business that is a huge dairy consumer? Do you know what takes place in most dairies? Starbucks doesn't buy their milk from the local co-op.
so then @ 50: you are the ass, & the other customers thusly know you are the jerkwad (way to increase you public prick persona) , and there is nothing you can do about it, legally. bye, the door is that way.

wha wha WHAT?

When did get introduced into this post regarding servers?

You demonstrate how batshit crazy you are in each passing thread.

And before you dig up other threads in which I defend a local business that provides tons of jobs, how about checking into the fact that I never claimed to be a vegan. We can go into another flame war with you parroting lines from The Omnivore's Dilemma, but you are way off base here.

When did *Starbucks* get introduced

(I have gleefully been served/receiving drinks while arguing on the internets via my iPhone....MWAHAHAHA)
C'mon, Parker, you can do better than that.

Well, actually, no you can't.
Why do the people I serve hate me? Why do they think the money they make makes them a better person? Why are they mean to me? Why do they think the times when they received poor service allows them to spew vindictive entitlement on the internet (I'm guessing these people aren't actually so nasty in person because that has, you know, consequences)?

If you go around treating people like shit, no matter how much money you have in your bank, you are an asshole. You can mumble about "paying them to serve you" and complain about occasional assholes you deal with, but the fact is:

You are an asshole.

You can be rich and be nice. You can patronize places that employ service industry employees and be a kind, empathetic person. It's not hard, and you might even enjoy it.

I would like to thank, however, everyone I've served who treats me and my coworkers kindly. Thank you for treating me like a human being, who has loves and desires and family and friends without having a "respectable" job in an office building. You probably don't have any idea how wonderful that is. I thank you. You make my days so much better.

To nitwits like SWM, I have never, ever spit or otherwise fucked with any rude person's food. I have, however, made fun of your dipshit antics behind your back countless times. Because you deserve it. Because you are an asshole. You would be an asshole even if you didn't score a 3.9 GPA degree in Communications.
I have to say-people who HAVE to answer their phone while you are trying to SERVE THEM are completely RUDE!! They do NOT HAVE TO answer their phone right that second. I will walk away or not offer service to people who are this rude. Also, going through the line while on the phone is rude as well. People really need to think what we did when we didn't have cell phones to get us through the grocery store. I work for Costco wholesale, and hear people all the time who "can't find their party" or are in line at the food court calling their partner in crime to ask if they want a hot dog or polish sausage! It's ridiculous!!!!!!!!!!!!
"Why do the people I serve hate me?"

I like my baristas, don't generally talk on the phone while being served, and still think the sign is the work of an asshole.

It's like comparing someone with concern for animals with an idiot from the Animal Liberation Front.
I help people on cell phones everyday and I personally don't give a shit as long as they pay for their goods and don't have any special requests that they expect me to somehow intuitively receive and follow through on while they're yapping away.

You are correct, talking on your cell phone, though can be conceived as rude, is not a shoot on site offense.

My mistake. I didn't realize that "these creatures do not deserve our respect" was only aimed at people who find you rude for talking on your cell phone ... my bad.
When I win the lottery I plan to follow those folks to their job and talk on the phone in front of them.