Slices and Flames


Herein lies the dilemma, Charles: Your paper cites every pit bull attack as proof the entire breed is evil and aggressive, so why shouldn't we extrapolate the same way for black men, teenagers, skaters, and so on whenever one of their rank commits a crime? Obviously it's nonsensical to point to one crime (or a hundred) as "proof" of any discriminatory thesis, but so long as your editor insists on doing so, you can't very well complain if any racist does the same after an isolated incident such as this highly unfortunate rape.

As for the balance of your post, for years I've been saying that I'm only white on the outside. Now I know for a fact that it's true! Fantastic!
Charles, that nifty book you cited (1994) came out before the human genome had been mapped. I'm not saying the guy is wrong, but couldn't you site something a little more recent?
yes this post just reinforces the fact that i have some proverbial bricks in the woodpile.
@3, go to the link for the whole story.
What does it say about YOUR humanity that you exploited this young girl's tragedy to make a point about racism?

Also, I don't know of any person with the evolution given homo-sapien sense who doesn't know that all humanity is at the very core African.
I doubt this corrolation (the horrific rape of an 8 year old girl by four boys and human genetics) is relevant. I take no satisfaction whatsoever from debunking or not eugenics and/or racism (One doesn't have to read "The History and Geography of Human Genes or "The Bell Curve" for that matter to prove the point). I elect to be a member of the most important race on earth, the human race warts and all. This terrible tale merely reverberates back to Africa. In this case, Liberia (I read about a case in Pakistan where a young woman was raped then "punished" by stoning by the family for "bringing shame onto them". I've also heard of female circumcision practiced in the USA).

Whatever the case may be, much work needs to be done in educating recent immigrant communities on the implications of such practices and attitudes. It was good of Liberian Pres. Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf to weigh-in on this tragedy.
My mother's family definitely had things in woodpiles. You can tell by my ankles!

The photograph of the Kikiyu guy is beautiful.
I'm trying to understand the point you're making with the first story, but can't.

As for the rest, does that mean that I can claim some blackness for myself? Very cool...
Charles, I thought it was a reasonably thought provoking post. I always found to be eugenics to be dangerous. The inherant superiority or inferiority of certain races lies in the realm of crap ... I think we are better off not knowing if it exists at all.

Then you have total Douche bags like Watson ...

Wait, you mean there are people who don't know about Lucy and Olduvai Gorge? The Leakeys must be rolling in their graves.

150,000 years = 1500 centuries

@ 5 generations/century = 3000 generations.

We're all cousins 2999 times removed!

1500 x 5 = 7500 generations. I am 7500 generations away from Africa.
There may have even been some devolution as homo sapiens dispersed from Africa. By the time man got to France, he was idly defacing cave walls with scribbles and scratches of various animals.

"Thag killed a bison." Yeah, way to go asshole. Just wait until private property's invented, then your attempts at art will really become a crime.