With the primary election less than two weeks away, a new poll in the mayor's race shows a four-way statistical tie for second place between Joe Mallahan, James Donaldson, Jan Drago, and Mike McGinn. Mayor Greg Nickels leads them by a dozen points, though a large number of voters remain undecided. Only two candidates will move on into November's general election.

Poll Results
Nickels: 23
Mallahan: 11
Donaldson: 10
Drago: 9
McGinn: 9
Undecided: 37

Over on the bag tax front, the poll shows that Referendum 1 is losing by a healthy margin, 55-41. According to the crosstabs we can blame the men for that. Women are evenly split on the issue, but men favor getting rid of the tax by a count of 62-34.

The poll, done by the University of Washington, surveyed 600 likely voters over the last seven days and has a margin of error of +/- 4 percent.